What we do?

We are U.S Based Software company.
We develop software and run our own projects.

Our projects are web/app platforms: payment instruments, trading playgrounds, game portals, entertainment websites. We also have mobile applications.

Our goal is to do everything automatically and integrate our technologies to create an ecosystem, simplify everything that can be done simply, without losing any penny.

More than


own projects


50 000

daily users

How we are working?

We do everything ourselves and for ourselves.
In teams of several people, there is no strict division into roles. Employees do not get stuck on the same one month after month, but constantly meet changing challenges. They significantly affect product development, rather than acting as a small gear in a huge system.

Our company consists of several development teams with their own projects. Everyone in the group knows what result they are striving for the group independently sets tasks for itself and looks for ways to solve them.

Who are we looking for?

We expect all members of our team to:
  • Interested in product development, not just waiting for direct assignments

  • Are able to independently define a task in their interests the project

  • Are able to master new technologies and share their discoveries with colleagues

  • They have their own point of view and are ready to argue for it


Send your resume:

[email protected]


We invite established teams with their projects. we we offer financial support for the project and expertise in legal, financial and technical issues. Become a part of a company to focus all efforts on what interests you. We do not accept teams without work experience and projects at the idea stage.

Send a project description (no more than 300 words) and a presentation to [email protected]

Why us?

Friendly team of young people
Ample opportunities for self-realization
Reasonable freedom to visit the office
Trainings,Food, seminars, conferences at the expense of the company


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